Brexit and Customs Q&A

Now that the UK has left the EU and the transition period has ended, new customs rules and procedures apply to products imported from the EU. The vast majority of the products we offer at Really Well Made originate from Denmark, so these new conditions particularly apply to our company and your purchases. 

We have compiled this Q&A to answer most of the common questions relating to the changes now we know some of the answers to them! The major change is that every item imported into the UK from the EU now has to have paperwork to enter the country. It will add time to transit, and add additional costs to provide this paperwork. We have outlined below how we will be dealing with these new challenges and how it will affect your orders.


Q. Will my order take longer to arrive?

A. Yes it will take a bit longer. Often there are quite long processing times (Roughly 1-3 weeks in addition to the actual transit times). When items reach the UK border they are held in a queue at the port for customs checks. There is a limit to how many items can be processed each day and the capacity of the UK Border is outstripped by the demand. This affects all orders to customers worldwide if your order contains 'Made to Order' items requiring importation into the UK.


Q. Can you still track my order on its journey from the manufacturer?

A. At present tracking is not working as effectively as it did before. The information we can accurately provide is when it leaves the manufacturers warehouse and when it has been imported into the UK. The time in between is currently highly unpredictable. Our logistics partners can also not give us time definite answers as customs import issues are only replied to by HMRC within 5 working days.


Q. My item is 'Made to Order', will you place the order with the manufacturer immediately after receiving it?

A. Every shipment into the UK will be subject to a customs processing fee. So we do not have to pass these costs onto the customer, we will need to order from our manufacturers less frequently and combine customer orders together. It means that we will typically place orders with manufacturers weekly rather than daily. However large orders which exceed £3,000 will not need to be consolidated and will be placed with the manufacturer immediately on receipt.

We currently advise customers to add an extra week onto the published lead-times to cover this procedure. We will be updating our lead-times when we have had time to properly evaluate how timings have been affected. If your project is time sensitive please get in touch and we will give you our best guess when it will be delivered.


Q. Will products cost more?

A. Really Well Made will absorb the additional importation costs into our prices. Our prices will always be the recommended retail prices as suggested by the retailer. However with reduced margins we will have less capacity to provide promotional discounts.


Q. Will shipping cost more?

A. International customers outside the EU are unaffected by the changes. Your orders will be processed as normal. EU customers will be charged £10.00 for us to prepare your customs documentation for import, this fee is built-in to the shipping prices you will see at the checkout.


Q. Are taxes charged to EU/International customers on import?

A. Yes, your local sales tax is applied when the goods are imported into your country. You will also be charged a small fee for the courier to make the customs clearance on your behalf (normally £10 - £15). This is different for each country, so please consult your local government advice to work out the final cost of importation. It also means that customers in the EU no longer pay UK VAT (20%) and your purchase price will be cheaper. VAT free pricing is displayed throughout our website when you select a currency other than £GBP.